More than 4 years worth of High Ticket Dropshipping expertise...

The No-Nonsense Guide to Launching and Scaling a 6-Figure/Month High Ticket Dropshipping Business

I made $2.4 million with this same knowledge, now I'm sharing it with you.


Why High Ticket Dropshipping?

  • Profit $1,000+ per sale
  • Use intent-based marketing: advertise directly to active shoppers that search for your products on Google
  • Low startup cost
  • Work with high-quality, established manufacturers
  • Lower competition
  • Sustainable long-term

Why This Course?

  • Direct instruction from a high ticket dropshipper with 4 years of experience, multi-million in revenue, and months reaching $40K in profit.
  • Honest feedback, candid advice, no fluff, straight to the point
  • Niches: Instead of giving you a list of niches to choose from, I show you how to find profitable niches. This is a much better recipe for success than competing against other students using the same list of niches, which many other courses offer.
  • Google Ads: I go very in-depth with Google Ads and show you exactly how to set up your campaigns.
  • Straightforward, actionable steps in chronological order of how to build a high ticket dropshipping business from scratch.
  • The course is literally me building a high ticket store in front of your eyes; from finding a niche to building a website, getting suppliers, setting up Google Ads, and showing how to run your business and automate it where you can.



$10,000 monthly PROFIT after 3 months | Student success story

High Ticket Dropshipping success story


$Over $300,000 in a single month

High Ticket Dropshipping success story


$26K in my first month of running ads

Inverview with a successful student


Written Student Testimonial

"I recently completed the v-commerce academy program and thought that it was extremely valuable and informative. I am just getting started with my high ticket drop shipping business and this course was exactly what I was looking for.

The instructor, Joe, was knowledgeable, supportive, and passionate about helping his students succeed. The curriculum was well-structured and covered all the essential aspects of starting/running a successful dropshipping business. The information was clear and actionable which helped me launch my business faster.

One of my favorite parts of the program was how Joe used a real business during the course to illustrate his points and directions. It was helpful watching him screen share and walk through everything step by step.

The cost of the program was well worth the value I got out of it and would highly recommend it to anyone just getting started with high ticket drop shipping.

I actually quit my full time job last September to go all in on high ticket dropshipping and it's been so scary, but really amazing."


- Holly T, Oklahoma, US

Major topics covered in-depth:

  • Creating a business entity & budgeting
  • Niche research & selection
  • Building the website
  • Finding & landing suppliers
  • Google Ads
  • Ongoing business operations (customer service, purchase orders, payments, etc.)

Monthly Subscription


Normally $80/month

  • Monthly access to all course modules
  • Access to Discord group with other high ticket dropshippers



Normally $1,000

  • 1:1 support on: niche selection, getting suppliers, website design, Google Ads, and business operations
  • Lifetime access to all course modules
  • Lifetime access to Discord group with other high ticket dropshippers
  • 3 mentorship calls with me 
Course Outline
Frequently Asked Questions

How does high ticket dropshipping work?


Choose an uncommon, need-driven, expensive product niche


Build a branded website for your niche



Open wholesale accounts with manufacturers



Advertise their products on Google directly to people actively shopping for them



Take orders and generate revenue



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