I will build you a professional-grade Website and land you 3 American-based suppliers.

With over 4 years of experience, I am excited to offer this new service for anybody looking to build a US-based High Ticket Dropshipping business.



Remove the guesswork and save significant time & money

I know what converts and what doesn't convert. I am a perfectionist and spent months trying to find the perfect formula for my High Ticket Dropshipping website when I got started. Instead of going in blind, I will build your website for you, quickly, in the way that I know converts customers. Your website is the most important factor when it comes to converting high-paying customers. I will set you off on the right path and save you time and money wasted on ads.


Not only that...

I will do one of the hardest parts and get you suppliers.

One of the biggest hurdles to get over as a High Ticket Dropshipper is reaching out and trying to land suppliers. It's intimidating, it's uncomfortable, and it's what holds a lot of people up. Not only do I carry 4 years of experience working with high ticket suppliers, I come from sales and communication with other businesses is second nature to me.

For those that are nervous, don't know how to approach them, or are maybe from outside the United States and English isn't your native language, I will handle one of the most daunting steps in this whole process and get you 3 US-based suppliers.


How long will it take?

It will take me about a week.

From the day that we have our first kickoff call, it will take me roughly a week. The completion of the website will take me 1-3 days. Landing the suppliers will take me around 4-5 business days. This will depend on how quickly certain companies respond and execute paperwork.

Additionally, just like you, I have a busy life. I aim to fit the most into my day with my work and personal life. I am married, I travel, I have friends, and I have family stuff. I will be transparent if it's a busier week for me but will do everything in my power to meet that timeframe for you. Just know that it will vary slightly.



Big Tax Write-off

This service, along with any service or product that you purchase for the purpose of your business qualifies as a business expense and will lower your tax bill.

Website Build


Normally $1,000

  • Professional-grade High Ticket Dropshipping website
  • Includes logo, website menu navigation, home page, about us page, policy pages, contact us page, and 3 sample product pages.

Suppliers Only


Normally $2,000

  • 3 wholesale accounts with American-based suppliers and access to their products.
  • Consultation and guidance as you move forward with your suppliers.
Frequently Asked Questions


Contact me at [email protected].